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Waterhouse is a cultural mecca, it has served as the birthplace, place of residence, (or incubator) where many artists, musicians, and entertainers have developed and honed their craft. It has been a place that has contributed to Jamaica’s rich musical heritage and has been the launching pad of many of the world’s most prominent reggae stars.  

Waterhouse has a rich musical legacy and has been a part of reggae at every stage of its development and has been crucial in shaping its evolution over the years. In many ways, it has managed to carve out a niche within the history of reggae (with the innovation of Dub and Dancehall emerging from its rich, fertile ground). What these innovations have done for other music styles like hip-hop and electronic dance music (and all other genres that fall under the EDM category such as dubstep, garage, techno, house, reggaetón, zimdancehall) are all progenies of dub and dancehall; both of which have their roots in the work of King Tubby, Scientist, and King Jammy.

Despite the rich musical heritage of the Waterhouse community, none of the learning institutions in the community is equipped to provide training for youths who are interested to pursue a career in music (or the creative industries). There are basic music enrichment programs at the two main primary schools (Balmagie and St. Patrick’s). The newly-built multi-purpose community center will be the only one of its kind in the community that will be equipped to serve as an institute that provides such wide training in music. Our plan is to continue to nurture this fertile ground, (this “creative space” we know as Waterhouse), by beginning to lay the groundwork for a fresh crop of artists, musicians, and studio engineers; to continue to add our lasting contribution to the development of Jamaican popular music, and to continue the tradition of providing great music to the world and strengthen the fabric of the Jamaican culture.

Under the theme " Instruments Not Guns" we will establish a state-of-the-art recording studio, where programs will be implemented that provides technical training in studio/recording engineering and record production; the program will also entail a Media Arts Literacy program, and will also serve as a center for certification in Audio Engineering. We aim to create an atmosphere that is conducive to artistic development and helps to inspire creativity. It will become a platform for aspiring recording artists and other creative individuals to demonstrate their skill and network; a place where prospective artist from within and around the community can hone their talent, develop their craft, dialogue and work in collaboration with each other. We want to do all we can to provide structured support, in an atmosphere that can them to develop themselves. This will be done by providing structured support through an artist development program.

Overall, the plan is to establish the facility (and program) as the bedrock and repository for the development of musical talent; to produce another cadre of the community’s (and country’s) future singers, deejays, and engineers, and producers. Participation in the program will help youths to become skilled and certified in different areas of the entertainment industry; where they will be able to find meaningful employment, start their own business, or return to school to further their studies in the field.
We aim to do all we can to provide an atmosphere for the creative arts to flourish and help participants to learn the techniques to develop produce and market the best product and connect such individuals to the entertainment industry. This will be done by providing affordable studio time and provide structured support through various artist enrichment/development program(s) and exposing them to various agencies in the music industry. 

A key component of the program will be to expose participants to current equipment being used in studio and media technology, provide training in the technical aspects of the production of music and teach the science of music production and radio broadcasting skills (there are plans in place to develop e an internet-based radio station). It will serve as a space to accommodate and nurture artistic and technical training for growth and development. It is our belief that, when genuine existence of creative potential exists in a space, and relevant conditions are provided, creative minds can develop themselves and their community, by using the tools at their disposal.

The primary objective of the project is to develop a recording studio that will provide the basis/foundation for a framework on which a music institute will be developed; to provide youths with the opportunity/access to develop, expand and become innovators; through access to cutting-edge technology as a means for the process of creative intercourse, training in the use of the technology and giving them the space necessary to explore their creativity. 

Specific Objectives:
  • To develop/expand the local creative industry
  • Strengthen education and training of youth for creative and performance industries.
  • Encourage/facilitate training in the use of technology, to produce top-quality music.
  • Providing workforce development training for at-risk youth without formal certification  
  • Improve/enhance the capacity of participants to position themselves to take advantage and gain access in the music industry
  • Introduce participants to state-of-the-art recording technology 

We invite your participation.  Take a short tour of the facility at 10 Bagga Road, Kingston 11, Jamaica. Click here